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Malwin Thomas, PT, DPT

Malwin Thomas, PT, DPT

Education & Bio

Malwin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who graduated from Georgia State University in 2021. Prior to Georgia State University, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science at the University of Georgia in 2018.

With Malwin’s research at GSU, He developed a systematic review and meta-analysis about the effects of virtual reality on gait and balance training in patients with Parkinson’s disease. His research was accepted for the CSM 2021 conference and the CTSA 2021 conference where he presented the findings.

Through involvement and time at GSU and UGA, he developed a strong aspiration towards the healthcare field, specifically physical therapy. This led to the realization that being part of a collaborative, driven, and positive community is essential, and he strives to create a lasting, meaningful impact in his work field.

Aside from this, Malwin is also extremely passionate about immersing himself into different cultures, specifically through dance. Malwin co-founded and was captain of the first all-male Bollywood fusion dance team at UGA, where he competed in multiple dance competitions around the United States and was also a part of a dance reality show in New York.