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Outpatient Spine Surgery


At Peachtree Orthopedics, we are constantly working to stay at the top of our industry with leading-edge procedures. Over the last few years, we have been refining our outpatient surgeries to offer much more convenient options to our patients. Outpatient spine surgery, one of the best advances we’ve made, offers tremendous benefits to our patients. Most notably, it can have you home the same day, recovering in your own home and returning to life’s normal activities much sooner.

Traditionally performed as an in-patient procedure, outpatient spine surgery has been made possible by recent advances in anesthesia, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and regular physical therapy soon after surgery. And now, our fellowship-trained spine surgeons— Drs. Cassinelli, Silcox, Kelley, and Owen—are pleased to offer outpatient spine surgery as an option to many of their patients.


• Outpatient surgery centers are less intimidating and can help alleviate the anxiety associated with surgery. Not having to go to the hospital means less incidence of infection or exposure to other sick people.

• Less invasive surgical techniques use a tissue-sparing approach to minimize damage to muscle or tendon.

• Less scarring and fewer complications, patients enjoy a quicker return to mobility and activities.

• Improved pain-management techniques, patients have fewer narcotic requirements in recovery, resulting in fewer medication side effects.

• Either return home the same day or stay overnight, and—best of all—it is at a lower cost to patients.


With the industry’s leading physicians, Peachtree Orthopedics offers outpatient spine surgery in many cases and at a lower cost than in the hospital. Procedures include minimally invasive cervical and lumbar fusion, artificial disc replacement, lumbar microdiscectomy, and lumbar laminectomy. These streamlined procedures and quicker recovery mean that you can stop prolonging your pain. Rest assured that you will get the best possible outcome and will soon be returning to doing the things you love.