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After 28 years, Dr. James Beskin is hanging up his white coat and retiring from Peachtree Orthopedics.

“I am so grateful for my professional experiences with each of you that now make up my wonderful memories of practicing and serving as an orthopedic surgeon,” Dr. Beskin wrote in a letter to his patients. “I could not be happier or more appreciative of my time here. There is so much to reflect upon. I remain inspired by the progression of health care and thankful for my ability to contribute.”

Peachtree Orthopedics will continue to provide Atlanta with the excellent care they have always received from Dr. Beskin. The practice has three foot and ankle specialists, each fellowship-trained and well-prepared to treat your lower extremity needs:

John Chao, M.D.
Ashkan Lahiji, M.D.
Dominic Carreira, M.D.
If you have any questions, please call Leanne Galligan at Peachtree Orthopedics at (404) 350-4755 or send an email to

All of us at Peachtree Orthopedics want to thank Dr. Beskin for his dedication, professionalism and loving care he has shown his patients throughout the years.