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“We’ve [Marist School] got what I consider to be the best medical care that you could possibly get at the high school, and possibly any level, with Dr. Marvin Royster. He spends countless amounts of time and energy helping our players getting them ready. I know, on numerous occasions, Dr. Royster has had to take a player after a game and perform surgery at 2 o’clock in the morning, and coming over on Sundays and checking on them. We are just so fortunate to have someone like Dr. Royster. Thank you doctor.”

~ Alan Chadwick, Marist Football Head Coach

Congratulations to Marist School football team for winning the 2020 AAAA High School Football Championship! Dr. Marvin Royster has proudly served as the team’s doctor for many years as well as Certified Athletic Trainer Kiara Gipson, and they are so proud of the team. Go War Eagles!